2nd Edition Coworking is operated by the Fernie Chamber of Commerce as an economic development initiative.

why a coworking space in fernie?

2017 - Feasibility Study

Having identified that a coworking space could be of benefit to the community, the Fernie Chamber commissioned a feasibility study regarding the potential for such a facility in Fernie. This study included an online survey of prospective tenants and the final report published that summer demonstrated that there was enough demand by many in the community (and part-time residents) to make the project feasible. With Fernie being an attractive community to live and play in, the addition of a collaborative workspace could also help it be an attractive place to work, particularly for those who can work from anywhere.

2018 - Funding Application

Encouraged by the results of the study, the Fernie Chamber took steps to apply for funding opportunities to raise the significant startup capital for the project.

2019 - Funding Secured

The Fernie Chamber was awarded some startup funds from the Province of British Columbia’s Rural Dividend Fund. By matching these funds with the Fernie Chamber’s own capital reserves, suddenly the cool idea of having a community coworking space in Fernie took a big step towards becoming a reality…

2020 - The Location

The Fernie Chamber went out looking for the perfect location for thier coworking space. Having the coworking space in a central location was a must for us. The Free Press building is located on the east side of the 300 block of 2nd (Victoria) Ave near the southern boundary of Fernie’s downtown commercial district.

The Free Press building is important for its association with the development of the newspaper industry in Fernie and the company’s role in promoting and building local businesses. Its archives are an invaluable resource for information on the history of the Elk Valley.

The Fernie Free Press has served as the voice of Fernie for over a century and is the longest standing business in the community.  There are two date inscriptions located on the upper portion of the façade – 1899 corresponding to commencement of business, and 1908 relating to the construction date of the current building.

why 2nd edition coworking?

2nd Edition Coworking Fernie

Working with a space that has a historical importance, it was a fundamental requirement that the legacy of the building was honoured when coming up with a name for our coworking space.

The 2nd Edition brand is a tip of the hat to the history of the Free Press and the newspaper heritage as well as the downtown location on 2nd Avenue.

who runs the coworking space?

2nd Edition Coworking Space is run by the Fernie Chamber of Commerce, a not-for profit, membership driven business organization representing almost 300 businesses in Fernie area. Chamber staff are the ones working behind the scenes and at the coworking reception desk to ensure everything runs smoothly. The team consists of the following:

Wendy McDougall – Executive Director

Renne Hooper  – Membership & Marketing Manager

Jessica Eberts – Events & Coworking Space Manager 

Zoe Kuystermans – Visitor Services Coordinator