Member Spotlight | Scott Tibballs

Meet Scott Tibballs, Editor of The Free Press newspaper which covers Elk Valley and South Country. While his title is Editor, Scott also does reporting, photography and page layout. Scott has worked at The Free Press for just over a year but has been in journalism since 2014. 

2nd Edition Coworking is located in the Historical Free Press building. When the Fernie Chamber of Commerce took over the lease to create a coworking space, The Free Press remained in the building as our anchor tenant. Scott was one of the first people to work out of the newly renovated space in one of the private offices.

Q: What do you love most about your work?

A: I enjoy being able to learn about the community and stories that matter locally and around the world, and being able to live vicariously through the passion that other people have for what they do by interviewing them.

Q: What is one thing – either industry-related or not – you learned in the last month?

A: It’s hard to say what I’ve learned in any given day. I learn about people and businesses, their opinions and their hopes.

 Q: How do you define success?

A: Success is a productive day at work, a fulfilling day away from work, or a perfect banana loaf that goes great with a cuppa tea.

  Q: Who inspires you?

A: I’m inspired by people that do great things for their communities regardless of obstacles. 


Q: When not working how do you spend your time?

A: When not working I tend to think about work a lot, but when I can force it out of my head I like mountain biking, hiking, being outside and reading books.

Q: What’s one thing you love about Fernie?

A: I love how casually beautiful the wilderness around Fernie is. To enjoy amazing scenery, we don’t need to walk or bike or drive anywhere – just look up.

Q: What’s the last book you read?

A: The Robots of Dawn by Isaac Asimov (I’m really into Science Fiction).


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